Sunday, August 15, 2010

PROVE ME By Elgin Bollina aka El Prophet The Scribe

By El Prophet The Scribe

I Am The Head
And NOT The Tail
And That Is Why

How Can I Not
End Up On Top?
When God Keeps Blessing,
And Does Not STOP!

PROVE ME! He Says,
Put ME To The Test!
And I Will Bless You
Right Up Outta Your Mess!

Before My Tithe Is Out Of My Pocket,
He Fills It Again,
And Does Not Stop It!

God’s Got an Overflow
Filled and Filled
With Lots Of Dough!

Just Sow your Seed
And Watch It Grow!

copyright 2010 by Elgin Bollina all rights reserved

1 comment:

  1. This poem was written after a break through period where I, after years of refusing to pay ,tithes and sow financially into The Kingdom Of God, "gave up" and decided to trust God at his word. Let me tell you that I found out that it WORKS. I don't understand HOW God does it, but Can tell you honestly, that my pockets have NEVER been empty since DOING and OBJEYING this. Trust me, I Am THE cheapest man in thE world and had Nothing to show for it until I Let GO and let GOD