Wednesday, August 11, 2010

HEAVENLY EXCHANGE By El Prophet The Scribe

By El Prophet The Scribe

From Serf, To KING!
From Maid To QUEEN!

Oh, What Wondrous Transformation
This has Been! (pronounced “bean”)

You’ve Changed My Situation
Re Ordered My Mind,
Took Me “Out Of Time”
And Said Unto Me;
“Child, You Are MINE.”

For Once,
I Cried…


BOLDLY Into Your Throne room
To Take My Place
Because YOUR Grace Has Made Me Ruler
Up In This Place.

And This Does NOT Offend You….

Because It’s What You CALLED Me To.
To Laugh, And Sing,
To Rule, And Reign,
WITH YOU in Heavenly Places.

For In Your House, Are Many Spaces
For Those Who Have Faces
To See YOU.

copyright 2010 by Elgin Bolling all rights reserved

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