Wednesday, August 11, 2010

GAG AND SWALLOW By EL Prophet The Scribe

By EL Prophet The Scribe

Gaggin’ On Gnats
But Swallowin’ Camels!
Blind Guides and Hypocrites,
You Are So Narrow!

“Why Do We Fast, And You Do Not?”

Because The Bridegroom Is Who You’ve Got!
And Long As He Is Here With You,
Fill Up Your Plate, And Eat Up Too!

“You Seem Like A Religious Man,
How Come You Never Wash Your Hands?”

Pharisees And Sadducees!
Oh Why Do You Bother Me?!
So Concerned With “Outward Looks”,
While Deep Inside, There’s Lots of Guck!!

You Look Like You All Sit On Thrones,
But Inwardly Are Dead Men’s Bones!
Your “Pretty Cup”
Is Filled With Muck!
Makes Me Say, Yuck!
Hey Guys, What’s UP???

“C’mon Jesus! If You Please,
We Would Like A Sign From Thee!”

No Sign Will Be Given Thee
Except For JONAH!
Now Leave Me BE!

“Do Not Worry Bout This Jesus Fellow…
By BE- EL- ZE- BUB He Casts Out Devils!”

I KNOW Your Thoughts They Are Not Hidden
And Your Foul Blasphemy Is NOT Forgiven!
A House Divided, It Cannot Stand
I Cast Them Out Because I AM!
Devils Casting Out Devils? That’s INSANE!
You Would Know That, If You Had A Brain!

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