Wednesday, August 11, 2010

SERMON MOUNT SAYINGS By Elgin Bolling aka El Prophet The Scribe

By Elgin Bolling aka El Prophet The Scribe

Verily, Verily, I Say This To Thou, Merrily!
Come Hearken Unto Me,
And Your Soul With Be Set Free!

Come Listen Up, And Do Not Doubt,
This is My Sermon On The Mount!

If Any Man Offends You,
Don’t You Dare Attack!
Just Be Meek,
Turn Other Cheek,
And Give For Him To Smack!

Love your Enemies! Bless Them Too!
Even Though They Curse At You!

Pray For Them Who De spitefully Use!
Love Them Too Who Falsely Accuse!
For All Of This The Father Choosed
To Be The Holy Behavior Of You, His Children,
So Highly Favored.

You Think This Is A Lot Of Fuss?
My Son Shines On Wicked
And The Just!

For What Reward In Heaven Have You,
If You Like Only Folks
Who Treat You Cool?

Don’t “Get Busy” With “Missy”
Let Me Give You An Education..
Sex With Her, Is Fornication!

And If She’s Married, You See,
Then You KNOW That’s ADULTERY.
And Even if in Your Heart You’ve Lusted,
Congratulations, You are Busted!

Do Not Swear Like You Have No Care,
Empty Words Into The Air!
Not By Heaven, That is My Throne,
Neither By Earth, My Footstool… I Own.

If Any Ask You For Your Coat,
Don’t Say “NOPE!”
Give Him Your Cloak!

Let Your Yea Be Yea,
And Nay Be Nay
For Anything More, Is SIN I Say!
For All Of your “Alleged Knowing”
A Single Inch You Aint A Grownin’

So Do The Things Your FATHER DO!
For I Am Perfect!
So Be Ye Too!!

copright 2010 by Elgin Bolling all rights reserved

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