Friday, July 1, 2011


By El Prophet The Scribe

Jesus is the rock that makes me roll! 
Taking total contol of my soul,
 so I can bowl the devil over like a pin, 
how in heavens name can he ever win,
 since Christ has washed me completelyfree of sin?
 All day long I do nothing but grin 
whenever I think about my savior, 
I tasted the lord and now I know he's my favorite flavor.
 Allow me a moment to sit back and savor 
the sweet taste of success,
 I open the Word,
 swallow it whole
 and wonder what I'm gonna do next!
 what ever the task, I know I'm gonna pass,
 cause I got juice with the first and the last,
 no need to gasp or ever be afraid,
 Gods opening up the window again, and it's time to get paid.

Copyright 2011 by Elgin Bolling all rights reserved

Monday, April 25, 2011

High upon Golgotha’s Hill A Poem For Easter Sunday

High upon Golgotha’s Hill

High upon Golgotha’s Hill
Upon an old rugged cross you lay so still
As still as the sea that you calmed
Until it did us no harm.
No, None at all…
So How could you , Lord Jesus of Nazareth, Fall?
Submitting to mere flesh and blood
You, the creator from up above!
Rejected by those you dearly loved.

High upon Golgotha’s Hill
The Lamb Of God was Killed!
A holy sacrifice, whose blood ran down,
From furrowed brow adorned with thorns, in matted hair
The Pharisees, The Sadducees, they did not care.
The Sweet Love of Christ They did not share.
But all I could do was stare
And ask WHERE?
WHERE was the Love of God?
Was it somehow hard for God to see
That this innocent man should be set free? Instead of a thief?
My soul cries out in mourning because of grief…..But then, God said
My child, Cease and Desist, from thinking thoughts such as this!

This is no tragedy!
He hangs there in glorious transcendent majesty!

It’s because of my Love, that my son is Dead.
Dry thy tears! let another not be shed.

For He was willingly led right to this cross,
Knowing the cost, that at the end none would be lost
My love is HERE hanging upon this cruel, cursed tree!,
Embodied in Christ on Calvary.

He took on this pain, so you would never know the shame
So that you could have power in his Name!
That’s why he was slain. Upon the cross, and will remain
Till every guilty stain is washed away from you

THAT’S what Christ came to do.

And then, I said,
What a brilliant, yet, unorthodox plan!
Which could only have been conceived by the great I AM!
That A GOD would become a child
That a KING would come become a Servant
That a WARRIOR would surrender
And because he did, this Easter Sunday, we all remember.

By El Prophet The Scribe
On Easter Sunday. April 2011.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Humorous Poem: Pretty Gurls always pass me by

Pretty Gurls always pass me by
by Elgin Bolling

Pretty Girls! Pretty Girls! They always pass me by!
I’m too shy to look them in the eye…
Each Saturday night, I ask myself,
Why don’t I have someone to love??
A beautiful girl who fits my soul, just like a glove?

I feel like a slug…gotta get out more…

Struck up a conversation with a girl the other day..
She turned and walked away.
Said I was just a terrible bore…
That is, right after she began to snore!
She spun on her heels and walked out the door..

Sigh…What's it all for?

Hey I wanna know, Just WHAT is s my flaw??
It can’t be my looks… Gee whiz… I see girls dating guys who look just like

At least I keep my nose stuck here in a book
So that when the time comes when a pretty girl passes my way,
Then I’ll have something interesting to say!

LOOK! Here’s one right NOW! She's walking my way!!!

…What to say… what to say...what to say.... WHAT TO SAY????!

Er… Hello…Howdy…uh… Hey!
Nice…Day….er…. Are ….You… Feeling… Okay?

You mean… you actually want to STAY??!!
And talk to a guy like ME???


Thank YOU!! …Awww… shucks…. wow… Gee…

That’s so awfully nice… but
I just CAN’T
It just wouldn’t be Right…I mean after all... YOU'RE JUST NOT MY TYPE!

Monday, December 13, 2010

THE NEGROES PLEA FOR JUSTICE By WWII sgt.Lucius T. Gilbert. Performed by Elgin Bolling Rockaway Artists Alliance

I was honored to read this poem written by WWII SgtLucius T. Gilbert which was given to me by his daughter, artist, poet, Willa Mae Gilbert.This was performed live at The Rockaway Artists Alliance Dec 12,2010 Gifted show