Wednesday, August 11, 2010

AFTER THE ANOINTING By El Prophet The Scribe

By El Prophet The Scribe

Our King Commeth
Dressed In Robes Of Brilliant Majesty.
Older Than The Desert Sands, Is HE.
Holding Stars, Like Diamonds, In HIS Hands.
“A Royal Diadem”, HE Says, That’s ME!
“You WILL Reign, WITH ME Eternally,
If You Wait, My Child, Patiently.”

But Be Thou Forewarned,
For The Father Of Lies
Can Also Present Himself
So Gorgeously Adorned…

In Shimmering Apparel!
But His Praises,
Both Insincere,
And Very Narrow.

Singing Sweet Incantations,
That Tickle The Ears,
Soon Switching To Vile Words
That Make You Shudder And Quake
With Fear.

Giving False Words Of Admiration
Which In Time Lead To Sin And Condemnation

Of Brethren Most Dear To God
Who Still Speaks
In Still Small Voices
Calling To Us, His Children, To Make Right Choices
That Lead To Joy, and Life
Not Degradation and Strife.

My Child, Narrow Is The Path That Leadeth Unto Life
And Though It Like a Tightrope Seem,
Thou Hast Been Given Hind’s Feet To Walk
Most Agile Upon High Places
The Enemy Cannot Reach.

Though He Claw and Tear At You
Threatening to Knock You From Your Seat
In Heavenly Places. With The One Who Holds All The Aces.

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