Wednesday, August 11, 2010

HIP HOP HOLY PRAYER By El Prophet The Scribe

By El Prophet The Scribe

Be Still And Know That I AM GOD,
My Son
No Need To Battle
For in ME
The Victory’s Already Won.

Just Come And Receive Ya Prize,
The Crown Of Life
Turn ya Back And Walk Away
From All The
And Strife.

Word of God And Imagination
A Unbeatable
Highly Volatile
And Lethal Combination.

In Christ Jesus, Alone Is No Sin Or Condemnation
No Need For Contemplation!
All You Gotta Do Is Put Your Trust
Fully In HIM.

A “City on A Hill”
That’s What YOU ARE, Son,
Cause Of What Christ Did.

Satan Tried To Put In His Bid…
He Got Smacked Up, Whacked Up, And Jacked Up
By ABBA Father Like He Wuz A Kid.

Do We A Favor, My Savior,
If You EVER See Me Become “Unsalty”
and Start Losin’ My Savor,

Correct Me
Step To Me
Restore Me To Right Relationship.
For On YOUR Heavenly Wine
Do I Want To Forever Sip.

copyright 2010 Elgin Bolling all rights reserved

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