Wednesday, August 11, 2010

DRAGONS AND HEAVENLY GLORY By Elgin Bolling aka El Prophet The Scribe

Dragons and Heavenly Glory - Spoken word poem by Elgin Bolling aka El Prophet the Scribe in response to Bruce Lee's quote from ENTER THE DRAGON "Dont concentrate on the finger or you will miss all the heavenly glory" br / Indeed. My question was did the Master himself ever contemplate the identity of the MASTER of his SOUL?

By El Prophet The Scribe

Concentrating On Fingers
Makes you Miss All “Heavenly Glory,”
That’s What Master Bruce Lee, Said…
Cant Ever Help But Wonder,
If He Ever Considered
The Majesty
Of The Tapestry
You Laid Out, Stretchin form Here To Eternity
And Will One Day Roll Up
Like Covers On A Bed.

Asiatic, Enigmatic, Words of Philosophy
Makes 4 Nice Sayings On Fortune Cookies
That You Read
And Throw Away…
But YOUR Word
NEVER Returns Unto You Void,
And Accomplishes
What You Say.

Lines From A Marital Arts Movie
Do Precious Little To Skool Me
On Matters Of Life And Death…

Truth Be Told
When the REAL DRAGON Enters
HE’S Comin To Steal Your Life And Breath

copyright 2010 by Elgin Bolling all rights reserved

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  1. Ive studied the martial arts since I was a child, and BRUCE LEE, as you may have guessed was and is a big influence. He's a Martial arts ICON and this particular line is one of his most quoted. I began to free associate and speculate if Bruce ever considered who his creator was who had gifted him so phenomenally. I read somewhere that Bruce was quoted as saying , "I dont believe in God I believe in sleeping". I hope this is just a rumor, as it would be sad to find out that such a great Master failed to connect with the master of his soul.