Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Monday, September 13, 2010


One of my absolute favorite songs by Clint Brown, and also my first one recorded by my vocal teacher when I finally learned how to relax, sing from my diaphragm with the right pitch and tone... I frequently sing this in my own private worship time. It's a song that is not so much"sung" as it is "prayed" if you know what I mean.

I ALWAYS WIN! By Elgin Bolling aka El Prophet the scribe

By Elgin Bolling aka El Prophet the scribe

Man, oh man, where do I begin?
To tell you all about my success!
I tell ya, boye, I must confess
That I’m accustomed to WINNING
That’s the reason I’m always grinning.

Doesn’t matter if the bases are loaded
And it’s the bottom of the 9th
I’m pitching a” No hitter” The umps yelling,
That’s when I dance on the mound
‘Cause I’ve got that clout!
Yessiree, WINNING is what I’m all about!

Whenever you see my smiling face,
My cheesy grin never leaves my face
It’s so very difficult to erase
When receiving my trophy, again, for winning FIRST PLACE!

I don’t follow behind,
I set the pace, WHATEVER the race!
Victory’s my favorite flavor, and boy do I love the taste!

I make a mockery of mediocrity
It’s something I always erase
I aint bragging,
I’m just stating my case.

Like a Barnyard Rooster,
I’ve got a GOOD reason to crow,
Because I KNOW that I KNOW
That even if I LOSE, I STILL WIN!
Because the SIN
Is to NEVER begin!

You gotta be in it to win it!
To win you have to start!
This game of excellence is NOT for the faint of heart
If you have doubts, depart from them and let them GO
Trust in THE LORD JESUS, and go with HIS flow
And in NO time, don’t ya know, don’t ya know don’t ya know
TALLER than your FOES that you have defeated!
Because in HEAVENLY PLACES, you are definitely seated.

Copyright 2010 Elgin Bolling all rights reserved.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Sept 11 We Remember by Elgin Bolling aka El Prophet The Scribe

To The men and women who died
To the Parents who cried
To the husband who lost his spouse
To the mother who comes home to an empty house
To New York's Bravest
Who fought so valiantly to save us
To all the selfless volunteers
To all of you who've shed your tears
And to the God who calms our fears
On the 11th of September
We will always Remember
What we lost
and what we won
There's so much left to be done

Elgin Bolling copyright 2010 all rights reserved

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

SEPTEMBER MEMORIES 911 poem By Elgin Bolling


On a clear day, they say
You can see forever!
But we never thought
That our Friendly Skies
Would ever witness

Or hear Billions CRY..
White Hot Tears
Falling from sorrowful eyes
Of Burning Towers Like
Post Summer Rain

A testimony that Our Great City
Would Be Forever Changed…
Insane Day!
Inane Day!
The Day I hated Planes…

Who’s to Blame?
What’s His Name?
What Foul Victory Did He Claim?
By having people Slain…

If you went to work, THAT Day,
You were sorry that you came.
That is, if you SURVIVED
Some didn’t come home…

In September…
I Still Remember…

People Broken and Dismembered!

Towers Falling!
People Crawling
Men, Women, and Children

Running blindly down the Halls
Fire Burning on the Walls
Somewhere …in the desert air…. Osama…Laughing…
Struggling for breath… Gasping …
Getting help from strangers
Without Asking.

Firefighters bravely answering the Call
Hundreds of people starting to Fall…

Flying Briefly in Empty Space…
Savoring the last sweet breath of freedom
Before landing on their face.

The Twins begin to crumble…
People Stumble…
I mumble…
“Our City…..Humbled”.

Who Fumbled?
Who Dropped the Ball?
My mind begins to Stall..
Is this All?
Or is there more to come?
Do we evacuate?
Or Get a Gun?
No Where To Hide
No Place to Run…

The Mayor’s Finest Hour
He spoke with resolve and did not cower.
Regardless of your Political Affiliation

And even though it was Hard
On that day even Atheists Prayed To God

The pain never ceases
We continue to this day
To pick up the broken pieces
But as Americans we stand strong.
In the aftermath of this terrible wrong