Saturday, October 30, 2010

YOUR GRACE STILL AMAZES ME COVER Phillips Craig and Dean Sung by Elgin Bolling AKA El Prophet the Scribe

This is a practice run of Phillips Craig and Dean's Classic, YOUR GRACE STILL AMASES ME, that I am singing today in morning worship. I've since worked out the kinks in the song, especially on the "E" Vowels which sound very whiney and lack power. I am as prepared as I can be and must remember to focus on leading people to worship, and not so much a vocal performace, which is always a challenge. Perhaps in a later post i will have some musical backup .

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  1. As og this writing, it's Nov 1st, Monday morning, the day after I sung The song, Your Grace Still Amazes Me during Morning Worship. The results were simultaneously more than I expected, and yet, exactly what I expected. All of my whiney vowels were gone, I had more than enough breath support to make my phrasing clear and resonant, and there was the added benefit and genuine surprise of some natural vibrato, as well as un rehearsed, runs and riffs! I was very nervous about having the pianist accompany me, which in times past, distracted me,and asked him NOT to play...but he DID ANYWAY, and I was fine. The Holy Spirit took care of EVERYTHING,and I felt more like I was praying rather than singing. The song was a perfect lead in to the sermon and events that happened next,including several men in the congregation crying unashamed, affirming one another, and giving praise to our God. There wasn't a dry eye in the house. Yesterday was Pastor appreciation day and our pastor admitted how this day truly blessed her. I was especially happy since she is also my vocal coach who has taught and ministered to me for many months, carefully nurturing my gift so that I could give it to others.