Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Amazed, by Phillips Craig and Dean, from the CD "Top Of My Lungs", 2006

I cannot wait to lead morning worship with this beautiful song of adoration. I'm currently practicing it with my pastor/vocal coach. I am so fortunate that my voice fits into the key of these gifted singers.

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  1. God Im amazed how your love strength and power continues to stay, even when we foolishly stray forgetting the price you payed, to secure our salvation, not just for me for people of every tribe and every nation regardless of their occupation,designation,or prior live destination, no matter the devastation we endured as sinners lost to you, your love and mercy was always available, to see us through,and in those times where we don't knot what to do, we just need to stay quiet and still, knowing that you, our heavenly provider has thousands of cattle on the hill, the earth is yours and the fullness there of, for we will forever rule and reign with you in heavenly places up above.

    Copyright 2010 by Elgin Bolling.